Caché under Ubuntu 14.04


            This page summarizes my experience installing and configuring an evaluation copy of Intersystems Caché under Ubuntu 14.04.

            To install the SUSE Linux Caché distribution, I followed steps outlined in the Caché Installation Guide found here.  My first mistake was to use different tar command switches in place of the procedure given in the installation document example.  The substitute extraction did not reproduce the required directory structure.  It is surest to use the command syntax shown in the Installation Guide to un-compress and extract files from the .tar.gz archive.

            After extracting files and before running the cinstall script on the Ubuntu platform it is necessary to address a couple of potential issues.  Upon completing the initial part of installation the script will attempt to start Caché, in order to load system routines and so forth.  A minimum allocation of shared memory is required for Caché startup to succeed.  In Ubuntu 14.04 this startup attempt fails, displaying informative messages:

Unable to allocate 76 MB shared memory...

Unable to allocate 61 MB shared memory...

Unable to allocate 54 MB shared memory...

Configuring minimum system...

Unable to allocate 48 MB shared memory...

Unable to allocate shared memory minimum of 48MB

Startup aborted.


A Google search led to an explanation of sorts here.  To fix this problem permanently in the Ubuntu environment, it is necessary to add a couple of lines to the file /etc/sysctl.conf and then reboot Ubuntu.  These lines specify the amount of shared memory that may be allocated.  Example values shown below specify a greater amount than needed to start Caché.

kernel.shmmax = 536870912

kernel.shmall = 536870912


After adding these lines to /etc/sysctl.conf, reboot Ubuntu prior to running the cinstall script.

The second issue does not prevent Caché from installing, but does prevent the Caché private web server from starting.  Without the web server it is not possible to access the System Management Portal.  The cause of this issue was recorded in the httpderr log file (Caché installation directory/httpd/logs/httpderr) –

error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


Ubuntu 14.04 includes the 64-bit version of (located in the /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu folder).  However, the SUSE distribution of Caché that I installed needed the 32-bit file, and that was not present in the Ubuntu /lib/i386-linux-gnu folder.  By good fortune, however, the 32-bit version of Ubuntu was installed on my Laptop, so I simply copied from there to the /lib/i386-linux-gnu folder on the AMD-64 instance.

            After implementing the two workarounds described in preceding paragraphs it was possible to install the SUSE Linux (evaluation) version of Intersystems Caché, and to adjust configuration settings through the browser-based System Management Portal.



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